Oil Painting: A Timeless Art Form, Expressing Visions and Perspectives

Justyna Kopania

Oil painting remains a favored medium for contemporary artists to showcase their talents and express their unique perspectives. From the sweeping landscapes of Justyna Kopania to the vibrant brushstrokes of Rim Safiullin, oil painting continues to produce some of the most breathtaking works of art.

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Masterful Everyday Beauty: Shmoylov’s Art

29.01.2023 Maria Bregman is a journalist, writer and contemporary art researcher.

Key to connection, Vladimir Shmoylov

As an art critic, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the work of Vladimir Shmoylov on multiple occasions. Each time, I have been struck by the way in which he masterfully explores the relationship between technology, design, and daily life in his work. His experimentation with everyday objects challenges viewers’ perceptions and encourages them to see the beauty and potential in the mundane.

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Creative Approaches to Mental Health

Greater London Authority

The Greater London Authority has announced plans to host an event centered on the theme of “Creative Approaches to Mental Health” in honor of Great Mental Health Day 2023. This event aims to showcase the positive impact that culture and creativity can have on mental health and well-being, particularly in light of the ongoing mental health challenges that have arisen as a result of the global pandemic.

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Save Aberdeen’s Belmont cinema

Aberdeen’s Belmont cinema

As a culture observer, it is worth noting that the future of Aberdeen’s beloved Belmont Cinema has been brought to the attention of Scottish Culture Minister Neil Gray.

During a parliamentary session on Wednesday, January 11, North-east MSP Maggie Chapman, of the Scottish Green party, discussed the issue with the minister and requested a meeting with former Belmont cinema employees and other advocates for an independent cinema in the city.

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Three Artists Leading the Ceramics Renaissance

Ceramics are an ancient and diverse art form that has undergone a renaissance in recent years, thanks in part to the groundbreaking work of contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with clay. Here are three artists who are shaping the future of ceramics and creating some of the most innovative and beautiful pieces ever seen:

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Artists who are shaping the future of ceramics.

30.11.22 Art critic Maria Bregman talks about the work of the sculptors and discusses their creativity.

Ceramics are one of the oldest and most widespread art forms in the world. Though their popularity has waxed and waned over the centuries, they are currently enjoying a renaissance in the art world. This is thanks in large part to the work of a few visionary artists who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this medium.

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Creativity’s Prize 2022 announced

Creativity’s Prize 2022

As an art reviewer, I have had the privilege of following the selection process for the Creativity’s Prize 2022, one of the most prestigious prizes that an artist can win. The Creativity’s Prize is given to artists, sculptors, and creators who have demonstrated exceptional creativity in their work, and the jury looks for originality, innovation, and technical skill in the entries.

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Olga Bonitas: An Artist Who Brings Light to the World

06.11.2022 Maria Bregman is a journalist, writer and contemporary art researcher.

Olga Bonitas

I had the pleasure of viewing Olga Bonitas’s work in person and I was blown away. Olga Bonitas is a talented artist who primarily works in watercolour, who is quickly making a name for herself.

A 36-year-old biotech engineer by first degree, Bonitas decided to leave her career in 2015 to pursue painting full-time after realising she didn’t want to do what she was doing any more.

Bonitas quickly gained notoriety and began to draw attention from art critics like myself for her beautiful and intricate watercolour paintings. But it wasn’t until 2016 that Bonitas really began to make a splash in the art world. That’s when she started sharing her talent with the world by becoming a Top Teacher on Skillshare, an international online education platform specialising in courses for creative people.

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