ArtCulture UK


 About Us Our Mission Arts & Culture UK is a new format of a culture publication that includes a website and a print version. We advise on books and films; we publish texts by writers of the modern United Kingdom; we don’t chase novelties but advise the best of art history; we talk to the interesting and famous; but above all we talk and write about emotions. Arts & Culture UK We give you a chance to take a test and find out what book you should read; get acquainted with the masterpieces of world cinema, or pick up a film for the whole family at the weekend; read stories and novels by great writers that have not yet appeared on the bookstore shelves, or lectures by the best philologists; find the hottest London events each month and learn how writers advise you to compile a home library. What matters What matters to us is how you feel when you pick up a book we recommend. Arts & Culture UK is not a review, it’s an essay. It is a world where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle and think quietly in the silence of books and words.