Incredible art with an ballpoint pen

Incredible art with an ballpoint pen
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19.10.2022 Yulia Tulegenova, art critic and reviewer

Marat Myrzakhmetov is an artist who has a very unusual style of drawing with a pen. His drawings are incredibly detailed and realistic, but at the same time there is some unearthly quality to them. As if Marat is able to convey in his drawings the essence of his objects, not just their appearance.

Marat’s drawings are capable of striking the imagination and making the viewer feel that he is looking at something otherworldly.

Marat Myrzakhmetov was born in Kazakhstan in 1970. Marat’s talent has always been in drawing. As a child, he loved to draw on any available surface – walls, furniture and books. His parents often scolded him, but at the same time saw his potential and enrolled him in art school. Marat quickly became the best student in his class and entered the prestigious Art Institute named after I. Altynsarin.

After graduation, Marat worked for many years as a drawing teacher and illustrator. But he always felt there was something missing in his work. He wanted to create something more personal, something that would reflect his inner world and emotions. So he began experimenting with different styles and techniques until he finally found his own unique voice – drawing with a ballpoint pen.

The result is impressive: Marat’s drawings look like they are made with ink or even paint, but they are just ordinary ballpoint pen.

Marat’s art is characterized by spontaneity and energy. He often works without any preliminary sketches, allowing the pen to flow freely on the paper. This gives his drawings an organic quality, dynamic and lively.

Marat’s drawings are not only aesthetically appealing, but also have a deep emotional resonance. They speak to the viewer on a personal level, inviting him into the inner world of Marat’s thoughts and feelings.

Marat’s art is based on the principle of “randomness” and “free drawing. He does not plan his drawings, he simply starts with a blank sheet of paper and a ballpoint pen. And then, following the principle of “randomness,” he allows his hand to move freely across the paper. The result is amazing and unique patterns that can be interpreted in many different ways.

And the principle of “free drawing” means that the artist does not use any tools or rulers to draw lines. All shapes and lines in his drawings are created entirely by hand. This makes Marat’s drawings very unique and recognizable.

 Marat’s art is not just the final product, but the process itself. For Marat, drawing is a meditative process that helps him relax and connect with his inner world. When you look at Marat’s drawings, you see that they are full of energy and movement. They are alive.

 Marat believes that everyone has an inner artist. And he hopes that his work will inspire others to find their own creative path and express themselves through art.

“I want to show people that the world around us is not as simple as it seems. I want to show them that there is more to life than meets the eye. I want to inspire people to look at things differently and see the beauty in everyday objects.”

The artist says the ballpoint pen allows him to create volume and depth on paper. To achieve this effect, he often uses the technique of drawing dots close together. This gives the drawing a three-dimensional effect. Marat often draws inspiration from nature, architecture and geometry. The artist believes that the world around us is full of harmony and beauty if we know how to see it.

“For me, the ballpoint pen is the perfect tool to express my ideas. It allows me to create detailed and accurate drawings and at the same time gives me the freedom to make mistakes. And it’s those mistakes that make my drawings unique.”

Viewers of Marat’s work often say that his drawings evoke a sense of calm and serenity. They also say that when they look at Marat’s drawings, it is as if they are looking into another world – a world full of harmony and balance.

Marat Myrzakhmetov is a very talented artist, and his unusual style of drawing definitely distinguishes him from other artists. Marat’s art is not only interesting and unique, but also very personal. It is this combination that makes Marat’s art so special and noteworthy!

In 2017, he decided to continue his career as an artist and has exhibited his work in various world galleries in the USA, Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan and Switzerland.

Marat’s drawings are truly one-of-a-kind, and his talent is recognized by many art critics worldwide. His work has been shown at many international exhibitions, and he even received several prestigious awards in Switzerland, the United States, Russia and Kazakhstan.

But for Marat the most important thing is not recognition or awards, but the fact that he can share his inner world with other people through his art.

19.10.2022 Yulia Tulegenova, art critic and reviewer

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