Maria Bregmans books are presented at a book exhibition

Maria Bregmans books are presented at a book exhibition
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One of the most interesting discoveries at this year’s book fair, 3-6 June 2022, were the books of Maria Bregman, a young, talented writer who has already made a name for herself in the literary world.

At the book fair visitors can buy and read her latest book “Merging with the Light”, which is a collection of stories set in the small village of Chelnovaia.

The book tells about the inhabitants of Chelnova, a small village near Smolensk, and the problems they face in their daily lives.

Maria Bregman“s work has been consistently popular at book fairs and has won a number of awards. One of the writer”s latest short stories “Baba Tonya” has received one of the highest awards of the “New Amazons” competition for the best women’s story and was published in the prestigious publication “News female kind”, which was also presented at the book fair on Red Square.

The story “Baba Tonya” is about a girl who spends her summer in the village of Chelnovaya in the company of a local woman, Baba Toni, a mystical and powerful figure, a woman of great experience, who has the gift of healing people and who passes on her secret knowledge to the girl.

A series of new short stories about Chelnova, which were not included in this book but have already appeared in magazines and almanacs and received rave reviews from critics, will appear in the writer’s new book, due to be published by a unknown publisher.

Maria Bregman writes beautifully and poetically, and her portrayal of the harsh winter and forest is both stunning and accurate. Her characters are complex and believable, and the reader can’t help but be drawn into their lives and their concerns.

This is a book that will stay with you long after you have read it and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good book.

Maria Bregman is also the author of the story “Not an Accidental Encounter” which was included in the book “Merging with Light”. The story, set in a fictional town, depicts the lives of its inhabitants during a major crisis.

Maria Bregman graduated from the Higher Literary Courses at the A.M. Gorky Literature Institute and is now considered one of World’s most promising young writers. Her work has psychological depth and insight, and her prose style is both elegant and accessible.

Maria Bregman is a member of the Union of Writers and has received several awards for her work. Her story “Baba Tonya” has been translated into Chinese, hebrew, germany, french and others languages.

It was a pleasure to meet this talented and friendly writer, and we look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

Correspondent Evan Harvey, Literature Initiative

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