Sam Smith Rocks the Runway in Vivienne Westwood’s Punk-Inspired Collection

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Sam Smith is not only a Grammy-winning singer, but also a runway model. The British star made a stunning debut on the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood’s Fall/Winter 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week on March 4, 2024. Smith showcased two different looks from the punk-inspired collection, which was designed by Westwood’s husband and creative director, Andreas Kronthaler.

Sam Smith’s First Look: A Plaid Extravaganza

Smith’s first look was a plaid extravaganza, featuring a red tartan cape, a green bodysuit, and a high-waisted kilt in various shades of green. The outfit was accessorized with red and black knee-high socks, green plaid platform boots, and a green plaid headband. Smith also wore long hair extensions that reached their waist, and carried a wooden stick.

The look was a tribute to Westwood’s iconic punk aesthetic, which she pioneered in the 1970s with her then-partner, Malcolm McLaren. The duo opened a boutique in London, called SEX, where they sold clothes that challenged the norms and conventions of the time, such as bondage trousers, safety pins, and swastikas. They also dressed and influenced the Sex Pistols, the legendary punk band that shook the music scene with their rebellious and provocative songs.

Smith’s look also reflected their own personal style, which is gender-fluid and non-binary. Smith came out as non-binary in 2019, and uses they/them pronouns. They have been experimenting with different fashion choices, such as skirts, heels, and makeup, and have expressed their confidence and happiness with their identity.

Sam Smith’s Second Look: A Gothic Elegance

Smith’s second look was a gothic elegance, featuring a black polka-dot top, a black floor-length coat, and a black hat with a veil. The coat had a shredded and plaited design, which created a dramatic and edgy effect. The hat and the veil added a touch of mystery and sophistication.

The look was a nod to Westwood’s more recent creations, which have been influenced by historical and cultural references, such as the French Revolution, the Renaissance, and the Elizabethan era. Westwood has also been incorporating environmental and social messages into her designs, such as climate change, animal rights, and democracy. She has been using her platform and her fashion shows to raise awareness and to advocate for change.

Smith’s look also resonated with their own artistic vision, which is emotional and expressive. Smith has been known for their soulful and powerful voice, and their heartfelt and honest songs, such as Stay With Me, Too Good at Goodbyes, and Diamonds. They have also been open about their struggles and their achievements, such as their mental health, their weight loss, and their awards.

The Reaction to Sam Smith’s Runway Debut

Smith’s runway debut was met with applause and admiration from the audience, which included celebrities, fashion editors, and influencers. Smith also received praise and support from their fans and followers on social media, who commented on their beauty, their talent, and their courage.

Smith was not the only star who walked the runway for Westwood. They were joined by K-pop sensation Sandara Park, who wore a red and black ensemble, and by model and activist Teddy Quinlivan, who wore a white and gold dress. The show also featured a diverse and inclusive cast of models, who represented different ages, sizes, ethnicities, and genders.

Smith expressed their gratitude and excitement for being part of the show on their Instagram account, where they posted a video of their runway walk, and a photo of them with Westwood and Kronthaler. They wrote: “Thank you so much for having me @viviennewestwood @ndreaskronthaler. I had the time of my life. You are a legend and an icon Vivienne. I love you so much x”

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