Winners of the international literary competition New Amazons ’22

Winners of the international literary competition New Amazons ’22
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In the early 1990s, a collection of new women’s prose, The New Amazons, by a group of young female writers of the same name, was published. Since then, women’s prose has become a recognised phenomenon in contemporary literature. This competition is a continuation of an important conversation that began three decades ago. The international literary competition “New Amazons” awakens interest in the self-realization of women in society, in the profession and in civic initiatives aimed at helping people. Affirms the values of women’s social and creative experience and respects women’s choice of their own life path. Promotes gender equality. The task of the competition jury is to identify the most talented women writers of different generations and to present the results of the competition to the wider public, encouraging creative debate.

The awards ceremony was held on June 25, 2022 in Kupavna.

First Prize: Nina Gorlanova “Akusherochka” (Perm)

Second prize: Natalia Rubanova “Printed on the printer thoughtforms, forms and lovers” (Moscow), Alexandra Sviridova “Simpler in the grove” (USA)

Third Prize: Anastasia Astafieva “Treason” (Neya, Kostroma region), Maria Bregman “Baba Tonya” (Moscow – Chelovaya village, Smolensk region), Galiya Mavlyutova “Cholera riot” (St. Petersburg), Natalia Novohatnyaya “Pencils and paints” (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova), Olga Kharlamova “Talk to me” (Moscow)

Diplomas: Natalia Belyaeva “Frozen Milk”, Nina Veselova “Be Ready” (Pochinok village, Kostroma region), Elena Vohmina “Waiting for a netsuke” (St. Petersburg), Tatiana Dmitrieva “Without a Single Man” (Sergiev Posad, Moscow region), Apollinaria Zueva “The Painted Pencils” (Kishinev, Republic of Moldova). ), Apollinaria Zueva ‘Pannochka’ (Kaliningrad), Galina Kudryavskaya ‘Stranger Life’ (Omsk), Fatima Kutsulova ‘The Day She Forgot’ (Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan), Irina Lvova ‘Judith Morris’ (Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia), Tatiana Okonomyuk ‘Thirteenth’ (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany),

Alisa Ponikarovskaya “Rakinya” (Omsk), Elena Safronova “You Can Live” (Ryazan),

Olga Simonova-Partan “Podruzhestvo” (USA), Elena Somova “Why?” (Nizhny Novgorod),

Tatiana Taran “My Railway” (Vladivostok), Natalia Shakhnazarova “Ryabina” (Moscow),

Marina Sheptunova “Bright Sunday” (Moscow), Galina Schekina “Maybe that’s enough” (Vologda),

Egvina Fet “All that Stings: The Lady of the Flowers and Other Feminatives” (Stavropol).

Stories by first-, second-, and third-prize winners, stories by diploma holders, and shortlisted stories have been published in the collection of women’s prose “Feminine News”: Union of Writers, 2021, – 400 pp.

What about: The story about the self-realization of women in all spheres of public and professional life, the perception of time and historical events, about success and creative search, overcoming life circumstances, including pandemic and forced isolation, about mutual assistance, the uniqueness of women’s practices and the importance of women’s experiences for society, finding their place in life.

Who: Talented women writers from different generations

Where and how: Writers from any country in the world, a work in any language.

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