11 London Art Exhibitions We Can’t Wait to See in September

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By Maria Bregman, Art & Culture Editor

August, the month when the art world seemingly hits pause, is behind us, and September heralds a vibrant resurgence of art exhibitions in London. From major film works to fashion showcases and captivating painting displays, this month has something for every art lover. Here are 11 London art exhibitions we’re eagerly anticipating:

1. Christian Marclay: ‘Doors’ at White Cube Mason’s Yard (Sep 6-30)

Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay, renowned for transforming mundane objects into captivating art, presents ‘Doors.’ This exhibition features videos of people opening, entering, and walking through doors from cinematic history, adding a unique perspective to a household item.

2. Tenant of Culture at Soft Opening (Sep 8-Oct 21)

“Tenant of Culture” dismantles the fashion industry’s excesses, crafting discarded clothing into innovative tapestries and biomorphic sculptures. This thought-provoking display sheds light on the avarice and wastefulness embedded in modern society.

3. Martine Syms: ‘Present Goo’ at Sadie Coles (Sep 14-Nov 4)

American artist Martine Syms explores personal and societal power through surveillance footage, wallpaper, and drawing. Her work, though not always straightforward, consistently engages and challenges.

4. Julianknxx: ‘Chorus in Rememory of Flight’ at the Barbican Curve (Sep 14-Feb 11, 2024)

Julianknxx, known for haunting video celebrations of Blackness, presents a multifaceted work that combines poetry, music, performance, and film.

5. Rafal Zajko: ‘Clocking Off’ at Queercircle (Sep 16-Nov 26)

Polish artist Rafal Zajko’s sculptures, inspired by the Memphis Group’s color brilliance and HR Giger’s dark sci-fi aesthetic, address exhaustion, work, and capitalism. His ceramic sculptures vividly portray the toll of factory labor.

6. ‘Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto’ at the V&A (Sep 16-Feb 25, 2024)

Explore the enduring influence of Coco Chanel, from her Parisian roots to her iconic fashion house. This exhibition at the V&A offers an in-depth look at a century of Chanel’s defining styles.

7. ‘The Missing Thread’ at Somerset House (Sep 21-Jan 7, 2024)

Curated by the Black Oriented Legacy Development Agency (BOLD), this exhibition celebrates Black British culture’s profound impact on British design. It showcases a blend of clothing, artwork, memorabilia, and music, honoring the culture’s contributions.

8. Marina Abramovic at the Royal Academy of Art (Sep 23-Dec 10)

After numerous delays, Marina Abramovic’s retrospective may finally grace the RA. This exhibition promises to be a major highlight of the art calendar.

9. Sarah Lucas at Tate Britain (Sep 26-Jan 14, 2024)

Sarah Lucas, a key figure in contemporary British art, receives a long-overdue Tate retrospective, showcasing her bold, humorous, and conceptually sharp body of work.

10. ‘Rubens & Women’ at Dulwich Picture Gallery (Sep 26-Jan 28)

Explore Peter Paul Rubens’ multifaceted portrayal of women beyond his iconic ‘Rubenesque’ figures. This exhibition delves into intimate depictions of family, biblical characters, and mythological figures, revealing a nuanced perspective on femininity.

11. Frans Hals at the National Gallery (Sep 30-Jan 21, 2024)

The National Gallery presents the works of Frans Hals, celebrated for his lively and joyful portraits of people at ease. His art contrasts with the formal portraits of his time, offering a unique glimpse into the 17th-century Dutch art scene.

September promises to be a remarkable month for art enthusiasts, with a diverse range of exhibitions that celebrate creativity and offer fresh perspectives on the world of art and culture.

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