Royal Borough of Greenwich Aims for London Borough of Culture Title: Engage, Reimagine, and Celebrate Together!

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The Royal Borough of Greenwich is on an inspiring quest to secure the prestigious title of London Borough of Culture (LBoC) for the forthcoming year. This remarkable initiative promises a cultural renaissance, and the borough is inviting everyone — residents, partners, community groups, and cultural organizations — to join hands in shaping a co-created, imaginative, and vibrant cultural program.

A Historic Borough, A Cultural Canvas

The appeal of Royal Greenwich, steeped in over 500 years of history, has attracted people for various reasons — from historical employment opportunities in the armorers and Royal docks of Woolwich to the thriving tourism industry that defines the borough today. The cultural tapestry of Greenwich is intricate and diverse, offering a unique blend of experiences and heritage.

A Plea to the Community: Share Your Story, Build Our Future

Councillor Adel Khaireh, Cabinet Member for Equality, Culture and Communities, highlighted the transformative power of culture in breaking down barriers and uniting communities. He emphasized the uniqueness of Greenwich’s cultural identity, underpinned by its diverse populace and distinctive locales. The core of their bid lies in the stories and experiences of the people who have made Greenwich their home.

Khaireh stated, “Our bid to become London Borough of Culture will have the people who’ve made Royal Greenwich their home at its heart. We’re asking, what’s your story? What’s your family’s history within our borough? Your heritage and experiences will help us build a bid that truly represents the people and places of Royal Greenwich and inspires people to visit long into the future.”

Crafting a Brighter Future Through Culture

The bid to attain the London Borough of Culture status is a proclamation of celebration and collective identity for the residents of Royal Greenwich. Councillor Anthony Okereke, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, envisions a legacy that encompasses enriched cultural offerings, economic empowerment, and educational prospects for generations to come.

Okereke affirmed, “Culture opens our minds to new ideas, and we’re committed to listening to the ideas of our residents, partners, and community and arts organizations, so that together we can build an exciting future for culture in our borough.”

Your Chance to Engage and Contribute

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is urging all community members to actively participate in this transformative journey. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Share Your Story: If you or your family have a story to tell, the borough wants to hear it. Share your experiences and the reasons that brought you to Greenwich by emailing your stories to [email protected] or by postal mail. Your narrative could be a vital building block of the borough’s cultural future.
  • Volunteer: If the bid succeeds, the borough will need the help of 1000 volunteers to gather a diverse range of stories from local individuals. By recording these tales, volunteers will be instrumental in inspiring an exciting program of events and culture, solidifying Greenwich’s cultural significance.
  • Reimagine: After collecting the stories, school children from across the borough will embark on a creative journey. They will draw inspiration from the collected narratives to reimagine and retell them. This phase aims to foster creativity and innovation among the youth, shaping a cultural narrative for future generations.
  • Interpret: The final step involves collaboration with local artists and organizations who will work with school students to interpret and transform their ideas into artistic pieces and performances. The collective effort will culminate in a spectacular program showcasing the rich culture of Royal Greenwich to the world.

A Window of Opportunity

If you are part of a Greenwich-based artistic organization and missed the summits, there’s still a chance to be involved. Register your interest by contacting [email protected] before the deadline of Friday, 10th November.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich’s bid submission deadline is 12 noon on 30th November, and the successful boroughs are expected to be announced in March 2024. With great anticipation, the borough awaits the opportunity to put Greenwich firmly on the cultural map and celebrate the collective identities that define this historic and vibrant community. Stay tuned for more updates, and join in this cultural journey that promises to transform Royal Greenwich into a hub of creativity and artistic expression.

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