The Transformative Power of Music: A Journey Through RMA Junior Department Concert

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by Ann Zilbert 24.06.2023

Sunday 25th June, 3 PM, St Marylebone Parish Church, Marylebone Rd

The joyous melodies of young musicians will fill the air this Sunday at St Marylebone Church as the RMA Junior Department Concert takes center stage. A harmonious blend of talent and passion, this musical extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Featuring an exceptional lineup of top-performing musicians, including Anna Almasque on piano, D.G. Turk showcasing “A Carefree Fellow,” and Yan Bregman on violin accompanied by the remarkable Katerina Levchenko on piano, the concert will be a celebration of musical excellence. And more than 50 bright young musicians will delight the audience with classical melodies.

Rachmaninoff Music Academy (RMA), previously known as the London Russian Music Academy, has been a beacon of first-class music education since its establishment in 2012. Founded with the mission to provide exceptional music education to children in the UK, regardless of their financial circumstances, RMA has nurtured young talents and created a platform for them to shine.

The Music for the Moment series, a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Music and Resonate Arts, has played a vital role in fostering inclusivity in the world of music. By warmly welcoming people with dementia, along with their friends, family, and carers, these monthly concerts offer a safe haven where the healing power of music transcends boundaries. The venue for these heartwarming performances alternates between St Marylebone Parish Church and Wigmore Hall, with refreshments provided beforehand to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Public performances hold a significant place in the RMA music program, allowing students to showcase their musical journey and the skills they have honed. The end-of-term concerts, held at prestigious London venues such as St Mark’s Hamilton Terrace, serve as exhilarating milestones for both pupils and their teachers. From solo acts to chamber music and choral performances, these concerts inspire the children to express themselves freely and develop a profound love for sharing their music with others. Through these performances, RMA instills in its students the confidence and comfort required to perform on stage from a young age, enabling them to grow as musicians.

The end-of-term concerts are not just about individual achievements; they also foster a sense of camaraderie among the students. These events provide an opportunity for extended families and friends to immerse themselves in the magical world of music and become an integral part of the children’s musical journey.

Undoubtedly, having an appreciative audience is a powerful source of motivation and inspiration. RMA strives to create an environment where children feel valued, knowing that their hard work and dedication resonate deeply with their listeners. The end-of-term concerts not only showcase the students’ talent but also serve as a training ground for building stamina, allowing them to tackle longer and more challenging programs.

To bridge the gap between learning a new piece and performing it in front of an audience, RMA organizes lunchtime concerts at St Marylebone School for Girls every Sunday during term time. These intimate performances provide a nurturing space for students to share their progress and gain valuable experience in a friendly and supportive setting.

However, the impact of RMA extends far beyond its own community. The end-of-term concerts and lunchtime concerts play a crucial role in making classical music accessible to all. These events offer children from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to experience live performances, opening doors to a world of beauty and inspiration. Moreover, underprivileged children enjoy free entry to all recitals held at St Mark’s Church, featuring gifted young professional musicians and renowned professionals.

RMA students also have the privilege of participating in external concerts, collaborating with their partners and other organizations. These prestigious events, held in renowned venues both in the UK and abroad, further enhance the students’ musical development and provide them with invaluable performance opportunities.

As the RMA Junior Department Concert approaches, it is a reminder of the transformative power of music and the dedication of the young musicians who pour their hearts and souls into their performances. Their passion and talent will create an atmosphere of pure joy and harmony, leaving a lasting impact on all those in attendance.

Don’t miss this extraordinary celebration of music and talent. Join us this Sunday, 25th June at 3 PM, at St Marylebone Parish Church for a concert that promises to be a symphony of unforgettable moments. Admission is free, so come and be captivated by the magic of RMA’s young performers.

Let the music carry you away on a journey of pure bliss.

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